La Grande Mosquée

Paris Insider Guide: La Grande Mosquée de Paris.

So this is not your first Parisian rodeo? You’ve been to Paris before and you’ve seen the main attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Musée du Louvre? Even though all those big famous places are without a doubt absolutely beautiful Paris has so so sooo much more to offer. One of my favorite “attractions” aside the typical tourist path is definitely La Grande Mosquée de Paris. Not only is it an absolutely breathtaking place you can also learn something about a different religion. The mosque is one of the biggest in France / Europe and just beautiful to look at. The people at the mosque are super friendly and love to tell you about the building and their religion. There is also a beautiful garden and a super cute tea room. Usually, there is a line in front of the tea room but it’s so worth it!


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