Hike& Sleep on a volcano

Have you ever done something so physically challenging you weren’t sure if you’d make it?  Well… that was me on my way up Volcan Acatenago in Guatemala. They told me it would be hard, but umm… I’m not really sure what I was thinking. I don’t wanna scare you, I was still struggling with an old ankle injury which made it extra hard for me. The hike is definitely doable for most people. Even for me. Our guide Fidel waited for me whenever I needed to give my ankle a little rest.

Once you are up there and get to enjoy the view you forget about all the struggle and just enjoy this once in a lifetime moment (I imagine giving birth to feel like this).
This adventure was absolutely breathtaking. I went with a local company called APRODE. Not only is it cheaper than any tourist travel agency out there, but the money also goes straight to the local people, who need and deserve every quetzal. Fidel and his sons took us up the volcano and I’m happy I could support his family 

We slept at the base camp and it was freezing cold. Luckily I brought a thermal, a hat and gloves on my backpacking trip because I knew I wanted to this. Even if you didn’t bring anything, don’t worry. My hostel El Hostal in Antigua got us covered. I could rent a warm coat and another pair of thicker gloves for the evening. The hike, the cold, little sleep… Everything about this little adventure was so worth it. Looking at a sky filled with sparkling stars and an active volcano was something I will never forget. If you ever find yourself on a trip to Guatemala, make sure to include this 2-day volcano trekking trip on your itinerary.



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