Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces August 25/26 2018. The Millennial Mystics forecast:

Tonight’s full moon is in Pisces. Exactly what I need atm! After this wild summer of eclipses, drama, and mercury retrograde this full moon feels like coming home💕

Now you might be asking yourself: What the heck is she even talking about? What does this even mean?

Well, it means that this full moon in Pisces is, astrologically speaking, sweet & gentle. Pisces is tender, some sort of healer, who rules our subconscious. This full moon, everything that has been buried deep down and pushed aside will resurface. Allow yourself to make peace with yourself.  This full Moon will give you the same warm feeling as after talking through all your real life bs with a good friend.

How about creating your own little full moon ritual? Give yourself some good old TLC. Take some time to take a deep breath, feel all the feels and examine your situation. Meditate, focus on yourself and your emotions. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Ask yourself what happened in the last couple of months? Is there something I need to let go of? This is also a full moon full of possibilities. Free yourself from what’s holding you down and let the new ideas come through.🧘🏼‍♀️💕

As an astrology geek, I love sharing my insights with you! I have always felt deeply connected to the moon. Would you like these tiny reports more often? Maybe even go in more depth next time?

Enjoy this full moon!

xx, M

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