A Roundup on Hair Accessories

Clips, bands, scarves, sparkles, and pearls for your hair are all the rage right now and as a lazy girl, I am here for it.
When it comes to hair accessories there are two things to remember:

1. Everything that looks fancy but is no effort at all will be your go-to option – especially when it’s one of those mornings where you’ve overslept and didn’t find the time to wash your hair. Chuck on a nice headband or tie the messy mane together with a silk scarf and voilà: you look elegant and put together. Nobody will ever know you woke up looking like Hagrid on a bad day.

2. Hair accessories are your best friend after a little hair crisis a là: Brittney 2007 or simply cutting yourself bangs at 2 am in the morning (like yours truly). Trust me, right now is the perfect time to experiment with DIY haircuts and grow out bangs as the oversized pearly or tortoise hairclips make pinning back little hair pieces look chic.