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Tarot is a great opportunity to gain deeper insight into any aspect of our lifes. It is a mirror of your soul.  I truly believe that tarot cards are a tool to help us understand ourselves and empower us to life our best life.(more info)

Everything in this world has an energy and a vibration (including us). Crystals will help you to balance these energies, bring out your full potential and raise your vibration. Together, we'll find the crystal(s) for your situation. I'll hand pick them for you, bless them with Reiki and then send them to you. (more info)
As a manifestation & empowerment coach I will help  you to enable your full potential & find your life purpose through the use of holistic tools and a personalised programme. Together we can get through the #quaterlifecrisis  (more info)
Astrology Readings

A Natal Chart reading offers insight on your personality traits, highlights your strengths & weaknesses. It’s a powerful tool to understand where you’re heading. The natal chart is extremely personal and can help to identify your life purpose.

Soul Call
I am here to listen. This is a call for your soul. I'll provide you with guidance on manifesting your dream life & self love. We can talk about holistic habits, crystals, goal settings, motivation, self care or whatever your heart desires. (more info)

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